Ask About Our Rewards Card

Thanks for your interest in JT's Consignments!!!

We take consignments by appointment only. Please call today to schedule. 502-349-6837. There is a maximum of 50 items per appointment.

We take consignments based on season. August through January we take fall/winter items, and February through July, we take spring and summer items. We ask that all items be name brand, purchased new within the last 3 years, and in excellent condition. We will go through the items during your appointment and return any items we cannot use.

Consignments are on the floor for 60 days. ( 42 days at regular price, 18 days at half price). You may pick up any items that have not sold any time during the 60 day period. Any items not picked up within the 60 day period become property of JT's and may be donated to St. Vincent Depaul.

Money can be picked up at your convenience. Consignments are 50/50. You may choose to be paid cash at 50/50 or we will increase your payout to 60/40 if you choose to put the money on a JT’s Consignments Rewards card that is good at this store only.

Here are some good tips for making the most money consigning!